mirrored bedside tableBedrooms of all sizes can be enhanced with the addition of a mirrored furniture piece. Its brilliance and brightness add a definite sparkle and depth to the room, making the room appear bigger. One of the things that make mirrored furniture stand out in a field that’s crowded is its definitive style; a style that blends in with all types of home décor themes. Not sure which piece to buy? A mirrored bedside table is a lovely choice, check our collection!

Its compact size will stop you from feeling overwhelmed, especially if it’s your first time furnishing with mirrored furniture. This way, you won’t feel the pressure to plan your décor around the table. The small size will make it blend in rather than stand out. If you are a seasoned user of mirrored furniture, you probably already know how to work your accents and furnishing to give the furniture the prominence it needs in the room. Experiment with a bigger mirrored bedside table to bring flair to the room, an effect that’s better achieved if the room is spacious.

How to Buy the Perfect Mirrored Bedside Table
Before picking any furniture, you have to be sure it’s the right choice, both for your needs and for the place you plan to use it. This applies more so to mirrored furniture because of the wider variety in which this type of furniture is available. You may think model A is ideal but when you see model B, you realize it’s a better fit for the room than model A. This has a lot to do with the type of mirrored furniture, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Here is what should matter as you choose a mirrored nightstand.

mirrored nightstandStyle – Do you want a traditional mirrored bedstand, a contemporary one, an antique one, or a vintage one? If you can’t decide, think of the first thing you want to think of when you see the table. This should make things clearer. A traditional mirrored table by the side of the bed will lend the room a warm, homey look. A contemporary mirrored table adds a trendy touch to the room, enhancing its style. With both antique and vintage mirrored bedside tables, you’ll get a charming, rustic look.

The style of the side table should also complement your room décor. This won’t be such a challenge because mirrored furniture goes well with any décor style. So it will only be a matter of identifying the style that will be most flattering in the room. You could match a contemporary décor theme with a contemporary mirrored piece. Or create contrast by picking an antique or traditional nightstand with mirrored surface. Do the same with all other décor styles.

Type – From the surface, all mirrored furniture appears to be the same. But there are both subtle and substantive differences distinguishing one from the other. These stem from the kind of finish the mirror is given and the material used to make the frame. Popular types include coloured like gold and silver, opaque, patterned, raised/embossed, glass, wooden and metal mirrored bedside tables.

mirrored bed tableMaterial – The mirrored part of the table has to be supported by a stronger material, and this forms the frame of the table. Wood is a popular choice of material, loved because of the elegant effect it gives when combined with mirror. But solid wood is expensive, and so, this combination is often the priciest in the UK. To get the look of a natural wood frame at a lower cost, go for MDF and engineered wood varieties. They may lack the strength, durability and aesthetic appeal of real wood, but they’re strong enough to stay intact for a reasonable duration. Plus the range of finishes available is all you need to give them an attractive, final look.

Steel mirrored bedside tables have a contemporary edge that makes them perfect for modern-styled bedrooms. They complement industrial and minimalist styles pretty well and bring a clean, polished look to the space. Get one of these if you’re aiming for a neat, sparse look. Like wood, steel falls on the costlier side of things, but it is good value for money.

Wrought iron mirrored bedside tables are also popular. They bring out traditional and antique styles rather well. But they can also be designed in modern style for a contemporary look. Aluminium mirrored bedside tables are the other commonly sought-after option. It has the sparkle and polished look of metal, and the advantage of being the most affordable metal option. It’s best suited for modern designs. Use it to give your bedroom a trendy look.

Design – Choose a mirrored bedside cabinet whose design complements the design of the bedroom. Some people choose to go for a matching design. Others go for contrast. None is better than the other. It depends on how well you can harmonize the look.

mirrored night tableSize – This can make or break the look of your bedroom. To get it right, ensure that the size of mirrored bedside drawer you buy is proportional to the room. Avoid picking a large bedside table for a small room. Likewise, a tiny bedstand in a spacious room is a poor choice. Match a big bedroom with a big table and a smaller bedroom with a similarly compact table.

Colour – Work towards attaining a colour coordinated bedroom. This is easy to do when you’ve used few colours in the room. Get the look by choosing a mirrored night table that’s finished in the same colour as the dominant room colour or one that matches the colour of your bedroom furniture. A different, less common idea is matching the colour of the table to that of one of the room accents. Or, for a truly distinct look, pick the table in a contrasting colour. This works best when you’ve decorated in one or two colours.

To conclude, a mirrored bedside table will give your bedroom an interesting new look. You don’t have to go by the rules when furnishing with mirrored furniture, as the pieces always blend in, regardless of how you’ve mixed or matched your room.