Mirrored Bedside Cabinets

The bedroom is, for many people, the one place in the entire house where they get to unwind at whatever time. Whether you’re a busy exec who gets home late at night, a work-at-home individual who likes your freedom or a stay-at-home parent who takes every rare chance they get to catch a quick nap, walking through your bedroom doors is likely to be a liberating experience every single time. When the bedroom holds such a special place in your heart, it’s only fair that you match its elevated status with befitting embellishments and accents. One that wins all the time is a mirrored bedside cabinet.

mirrored bedside tableTrendy, stylish and charming, a mirrored cabinet for placement beside the bed is the perfect accessory to ring style to the bedroom. Its mirrored style works great with both traditional and modern décor themes, so it doesn’t matter what your chosen décor style is; the cabinet will complement it well.

Why choose a mirrored bedside cabinet?
The most obvious reason, though not necessarily the most significant, is its visual appeal. Few types of furniture match the glamour and attractiveness of mirrored furniture. For this, a mirrored bedside cabinet is the ideal piece to anchor your bed and create a new point of focus in the bedroom.

The more important reason, perhaps even the deal-breaker for most of us, is its functional design. While the aesthetic value of this unit is commendable, it is its design which gives it the most plus-points. It not only provides a safe place where you can place multiple essentials that you may need over the night, but also offers ample storage in the form of drawers. The combination of table-top function and storage is a big win in any bedroom.

Placing a bedside cabinet on either side of the bed creates a balanced look in the bedroom. Imagine what your bedroom would look like if you didn’t have any bedside tables and the bed stood all alone in its might and splendour in the middle of the room? Not striking in any way. That’s why you need a bedside cabinet or two – and mirrored ones at that. Although the most practised way of bedside cabinet placement is placing one on either side of the bed (and often these are matching pieces), there really are no hard rules on this. You can use cabinets of different sizes and designs depending on the effect you want to create.

How to choose the right mirrored bedside cabinet
Size – Size is probably one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a mirrored bedside cabinet. Use your lifestyle and needs to gauge the right size. If you’d like to use your cabinet as extra storage in the bedroom, go for a large cabinet. The same applies if you have a large assortment of personal stuff you would like to keep near the bed. If your bedtime routine does not involve a lot of items and you don’t have much to keep/store in the cabinet, a small bedside cabinet will be okay for you.

Design and style – although the mirrored style of furniture is timeless and works across all decorating styles, individual cabinets are fashioned in different styles and designs. Choose the one that best flatters your décor.

At the end of the day, your mirrored bedside cabinet should be a practical addition to the bedroom. Pick one with functionality in mind and everything else will fall into place.